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Bimetal sheet & washer are popular products that used for electrical devices. It is composed of different separate metals combined together. It converts the changes of temperature into the mechanical displacement. It is widely used for the connections between aluminium conductor as well as copper. The bimetallic washers and plate help to prevent the problem’s onset. The bimetallic products are obtained by explosion welding.

The Bimetal product is examined in different ways such as surface test, hot water resistance, shock resistance that assure you get high-quality products. These products are made up of high-quality materials. The features of bimetal products are excellent finish, simple to install, durability, strong design and others. Without an electrolyte presence, the aluminum and copper surfaces are linked, that these products can activate the galvanic corrosion.

Application of Bimetal Products:

The Bimetal washer and sheet are widely used for different purposes such as electrical devices, isolators, circuit breakers, thermometers, fire alarms and much more. These products help to convert the change of temperature into the mechanical displacement. The bimetal washer is manufactured in various sizes such as Inches and mm. These products are designed based on the client requirements. The manufacturer provides sample specifications and drawing to the customers.

By using the advanced techniques and quality materials, these sheet and washer are designed. These products range can be available in several lengths, finishes, diameters, designs, and others. The bimetal products are perfectly suitable for different purposes like Electrical Industries, CPU heat sink, electronic components, cable, conductor, and much more. Kalpataru Piping Solutions offer high-quality bimetal products to the customers. You can purchase the best products for your project.

Benefits of Using Bimetal:

Kalpataru Piping Solutions is leading Bimetal Manufacturer in the world. They are expertise in manufacturing the bimetal washers. These products are one side aluminium and another side copper. The composition of aluminium and copper is in the ratio of 80:20. The product has 20 per cent of copper and 80 per cent of aluminium.

The manufacturer has a huge range of experience and skilled experts to provide the best service. They offer premium quality bimetallic products to the customer at an affordable price. They provide the bimetal products according to the client needs. They manufacture the bimetal products for usage in different sectors.

The thickness of bimetallic washer and sheets are available in a different range such as 1mm, 3mm, and others. Kalpataru Piping Solutions offers various types of bimetallic products according to the demands of clients. They provide bimetal products at an affordable price. You can find the bimetallic products in different places such as semi-government offices, private companies, and government organizations in the world.

There are a lot of the benefits of choosing bimetal products such as high tolerance, rust resistance, long durability, fine finish, durable stability, and others. The manufacturer has an advanced facility to manufacture the quality bimetallic components like washers, sheets, plates, and others.

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