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Are you wondering how stainless steel still accessing in commercial kitchens? Well, it is because of its boundless benefits. Even though plenty of grades available in Stainless Steel, people who are running the food-related business still uses stainless steel 304. Before knowing the benefits of Stainless Steel 304 in a commercial kitchen, it is vital to know all the important aspects of this steel grade. To do so, you must read the blog completely!


What is stainless steel 304?

One of the most common forms of stainless steel accessed throughout the world is Stainless Steel 304 because of its amazing corrosion resistance and great value. It contains somewhere between 16 and 24% chromium as well as up to 35% nickel and a small amount of manganese and carbon. 18-8 or 18/8 is the most common form of stainless steel 304.
It comprises 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Unlike other stainless steel grades, it has the ability to withstand corrosion from the most oxidizing acids. The durability of this stainless steel makes it extremely easier to sanitize so that it becomes a vital aspect for both home and commercial kitchens. You can find this stainless steel in décor, buildings, and site furnishings.

Features and benefits of stainless steel 304

Since it is a basic chromium-nickel comprised of stainless steel, it has been found suitable for several applications in different kinds of products as well as architectural work. It is readily accessible in several forms and easy to form as well as fabricate. Here are the features and benefits of the stainless steel 304.
⦁ Impact resistance
⦁ Corrosion resistance
⦁ Extremely hygiene
⦁ Recyclable
⦁ Long term value
⦁ Aesthetic appearance

What makes stainless steel 304 an ideal choice in a commercial kitchen?

As the leading stainless suppliers, Kalpataru Piping Solutions have done lots of work in the commercial kitchen. Plenty of reasons are behind for choosing stainless steel 304 for commercial kitchens. Get to know about some of them in the below section.
⦁ Most of the surfaces hugely react with foods to change their taste but stainless steel never affects the flavor of the foods. Being the safest surface to prepare foods, many hotels, restaurants, and hospitals opt for this option. Additionally, it helps you sanitize the metal surface easily and quickly. Out of all, the food taste is much better when using stainless steel 304 than others
⦁ It is not only non-porous but also has corrosion resistant property. It remains smooth as long as you can able to keep from scratching it. Even though scratched, you will not face much hassle. It is also effective for regular usage and sanitizing.
⦁ As it is tough, hard, and corrosion resistant, you can enjoy a longer life by beating lots of chemical contaminants. Easy to clean, maintenance and non-sticky are the major reasons for stainless less 304 used in the commercial kitchens.
If you wish to purchase stainless steel 304, do not look further instead of Kalpataru Piping Solutions because we are offering high-quality products at the competitive pricing.

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