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Inconel Bars are one of the most popular elements in the paper industry. It is used for different industrial applications such as electronic components, steam generator, heat processing system, furnace muffles, heat exchanger units and much more. Inconel alloys are popular metals which include the mixture of titanium and other chemical components. It has toughness as well as high tensile strength yet at high temperatures.

Kalpataru Piping Solutions is one of the leading Incoloy Rods, Bars and Wires Manufacturers and Supplier. They offer high-quality Inconel round bars to the customers. They manufacture the Inconel round bars with the latest technology and high-quality raw materials. The Inconel bars are used in the paper industry. Based on the needs of client’s, they manufacture the products in different specification, size, thickness, and grade.

Application of Inconel rods

The Inconel Round Bars are high-chromium nickel alloy that has good resistance to different corrosive aqueous media and maximum-temperature environment. Heating the Inconel build the layer of adherent oxide to shelter the surface from the corrosive. The high strength Inconel products withstand extreme temperature purposes. The Inconel bars maintain their corrosion resistance and durability at the high temperature. The paper and pulp industry are using the Inconel round rods for its corrosion resistance. The Inconel rods and wires are used for different applications such as

  • Structure Pipe
  • Hydraulic Pipe
  • Gas Pipe
  • Pneumatic Connections
  • Chemical Fertilizer Pipe

Advantage of using Inconel Round Bars

Kalpataru Piping Solutions offers the Incoloy Rods and wires as per safety and international quality standards. By using this product, you can complete the task quickly without any hassle. The manufacturer offers Inconel Rods, Wires and Bars in the special alloys such as Inconel 600, Incoloy 825, Inconel 601, and Inconel 718, Incoloy 800H / HT, Inconel X-750, Inconel 625, and Incoloy 800. You can buy best Incoloy Rods or wires which suits your needs and budget.

The inconel is the best alloy that plays a critical role in the paper and pulp industry. It has excellent properties that suit for different industrial application. The material is retained strength over high temperate so it is utilized for high-temperature purposes. This alloy product helps to achieve the desired result with its characteristics. There are huge ranges of benefits for using Inconel round bars in the paper and pulp industry such as

  • Long service life
  • Affordable price
  • High-temperature environment
  • Accurate finish
  • Simple design
  • Crack and oxidation resistance
  • High efficiency
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good metallurgical stability
  • High strength and pressure

It has high chromium content that provides excellent resistance to corrosion by oxidizing acids. The alloy has the capability to withstand high temperatures, light in weight and extraordinary corrosion resistance. It is used for spacecraft, aircraft, medical devices, military applications, and others. It is also used in the paper industry to construct quality papers. The Inconel rods are greatly resistant to oxidation but also have the capability to maintain its structural integrity so it is mostly used by the paper industry.

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