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 Stainless steels have highly used the material in the part of the orthodontic treatment. Most of the bracket and orthodontic appliances made with help of the first-grade stainless steel. Each appliance built with the right physical properties and also it has proper corrosion resistance. In the market, it out with the different types such as type 304 and 17-4 PH SS and other 316. This type of the alloy gained more popularity in the field of the orthodontist and the main properties of the SS material are highly professional and user-friendly to bring out different shapes and sizes that deliver special comfort to make finely. Hence it is one most remarkable material that highly used in the part of orthodontists.

 Simple to handle by the dentist:

 It is one of the corrosion-free resistant support but at the same time, and then localized corrosion found in the part of the oral cavity. As per the properties, it has correction resistant that allows making use for a long time without meeting any trouble and never making changes over it. The specimen is high corrosion resistance such as super Austenitic Stainless Steel, ferrites stainless steel and much more. The benefit of using Stainless Steel is highly comforted to handle and bring wish shape. Therefore the dentist can feel free to prefer such type of material effectively.

 High corrosion resistance:

 The Stainless Steel is out with the pitting resistance with a value of more than 40 and it is completely localized corrosion resistance which has better as the titanium alloy. It is due to the passive film that improved the help of the high concentration over the nitrogen. Though it built with high mechanical properties which are due to the solution effects and it allows the material to reduce the total amount of the ions in the part of the oral platform. The metal bracket in the orthodontics is constructed with help of the SR-50 A and investigated along with the wish size accuracy, corrosion resistance, microstructure cytotoxicity and hardness which compare with the SS bracket.

Low stiffness:

With help of the discharge cut method, it makes the rectangular cross-section and the machine milled, cleaned and well polished on the different type 17-4 PH and other 304 SS were highly used in the comparison support. The wire is highly used for the leveling and aligning in the part of the orthodontic and it needs to have low stiffness and long working range. This wire is commonly used in the part of the phase of treatment and it allows even force to this treatment. The high strength prevents any permanent deformation during the wire is well engaged in the part of the teeth. Hence most of the manufacturing companies always find out such SS material to design brackets and other common appliances. On the other hand, it is reasonable when compared with other material and meets the best result in a very short time. Hope dentist make use of such material for different purpose.

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