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HASTELLOY C276 is a Nickel-chromium-molybdenum wrought alloy that is considered the most versatile corrosion resistant alloy available. HASTELLOY C-276 is an alloy with universal corrosion resistance unmatched by any other alloy. The high nickel and molybdenum contents make the nickel steel alloy especially resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion in reducing environments while chromium conveys resistance to oxidizing media. This alloy is malleable/ductile, simple to shape and weld, and has uncommon protection from stress consumption breaking in chloride-bearing arrangements (a type of degradation to which the austenitic stainless steels are inclined). With its high chromium and molybdenum substance, it can withstand both oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids and shows exceptional protection from pitting and crevice attack within the sight of chlorides and different halides. Moreover, it is very resistant to sulfide stress breaking and stress consumption splitting in sour, oilfield conditions. Hastelloy C-276 is widely used in the most severe environments such as chemical processing, pollution control, pulp, and paper production, industrial and municipal waste treatment, and recovery of sour natural gas. It was widely accepted in the chemical process and associated industries, and now has a 50-year-old track record of proven performance in a vast number of corrosive chemicals. Kalpataru Piping Solutions is one of the leading supplier & Exporter of Hastelloy C276 products

Characteristics of Hastelloy C276

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in reducing environments.
  • Exceptional resistance to strong solutions of oxidizing salts, such as ferric and cupric chlorides.
  • The high nickel and molybdenum substance giving great consumption obstruction in diminishing environments
  • Low carbon content which limits grain-limit carbide precipitation during welding to keep up protection from corrosion in heat-influenced zones of welded joints 
  • Resistance to localized corrosion such as pitting and stress-corrosion cracking.
  • One of the few materials to withstand the corrosive effects of wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide.
  • Resistant to wet chloride gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions.

Hastelloy C276 Chemical Composition (all values are maximum unless a range is otherwise indicated)

Ni Mn  Mo  Cr V Fe W S Co  Si 
Balance  1.0  15.0 min. –17.0 max.  0.01  14.5 min. –16.5 max.  0.35  4.0 min. –7.0 max.  0.04  3.0 min. –4.5 max.  0.03  2.5  0.08

Hastelloy C276 Material Properties

Density Modulus of Elasticity Melting Range Specific Heat Thermal Conductivity 212°F (100°C) Electrical Resistivity
0.321 lbs /in3

8.89 g/cm3

29.8 x 106 psi

205.0 GPa



0.102 BTU/lb-°F @ 70°F

427 J/kg-°C @ 20°C

67.9 BTU-in/ ft2-hr-°F

9.8 W/m-°C

51 Microhm-in at 75°F

1.30 Microhm-cm at 24°C

Industry Categories Hastelloy C276 serves Applications

  • Pharmaceutical and food processing equipment
  • Components exposed to sour gas.
  • Chemical processing components like heat exchangers, reaction vessels, evaporators, and transfer piping
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Evaporators, heat exchangers, filters and mixers used in sulfuric acid environments.
  • Sea Water, Water Desalination Industry
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Waste treatment

Hastelloy C-276 alloy can be produced, hot-upset and effect expelled. In spite of the fact that the combination will in general work-solidify, you can have it effectively spun, profoundly drawn, press shaped or punched. The entirety of the regular strategies for welding can be utilized, in spite of the fact that the oxyacetylene and submerged curve forms are not prescribed when the created thing is for use in corrosion service.

Family members of Hastelloy:

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Hastelloy C-4 Alloy 

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Hastelloy C-276 Alloy 

Forms of Hastelloy C276 Available at Kalpataru Piping Solutions

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