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What is Hastelloy Steel? 

Many nickel-based steel composites display high protection from consumption, and Hastelloy is truly outstanding. As well as remarkable protection from all ways of pitting and breaking, parts produced using Hastelloy metal mixes will, in general, discover great use across a wide scope of substance applications that may somehow or another oxidize the metal. Extra components, for example, molybdenum and chromium balance the profile of a compound that is generally viewed as one of the world’s hardest. Kalpataru Piping has got all your Hastelloy needs covered!

What is a Butt Weld (Buttweld) Fitting? 

A buttweld fitting is a weldable Hastelloy C22 pipe fitting that takes into consideration the altar of the course of the stream, to expand, decrease pipe measure or connect assistant gear. Fashioned Steel buttweld fittings are made as per ANSI/ASME B16.9. 

Buttweld fittings are accessible as elbows, tees, covers, decreases, and outlets. These fittings are the most well-known sort of welded pipe fitting and are indicated by ostensible pipe size and pipe plan. Buttweld fittings utilize consistent or welded pipe as the beginning material and are framed (through numerous cycles) to get the state of elbows, tees, and reducers, and so forth Similarly as the pipe is sold from Schedule 10 to Schedule 160, butt weld pipe fittings are sold a similar way. Welded butt weld fittings are more normal in hardened steel because of cost advantage. Sch 10 fittings are additionally more normal in hardened steel butt weld fitting. 

The erosion-safe Hastelloy combinations are generally utilized by substance preparing enterprises. The requirement for solid execution prompts their acknowledgment and development in the territories of geothermal, sunlight-based energy, oil and gas, and drugs. The advantages of Hastelloy measure hardware incorporate high protection from uniform assault, extraordinarily limited erosion opposition, phenomenal pressure consumption breaking obstruction, and simplicity of welding and creation. 

The B-3 combination has extraordinary protection from non-oxidizing acids, for example, hydrochloric corrosive and sulfuric corrosive. The benefits of B-3 compounds over past B-family composites are upgraded warm strength and improved manufacturing qualities. The as of late created Hastelloy Hybrid-BC1 will deal with more grounded non-oxidizing acids than C-type combinations and will endure oxidizing contaminations that B-type amalgams won’t.

The most adaptable of the Hastelloy amalgams are the “C-type” compounds. The C-2000 compound joins remarkable protection from oxidizing media with better obstruction than non-oxidizing conditions and addresses a genuine exhibition get through for substance measure hardware applications. 

C-22 combination is especially impervious to pitting and fissure erosion; it has been utilized broadly to ensure against the most destructive FGD frameworks and the most refined drug response vessels. 

Hastelloy Applications 

Hastelloy serves a wide range of uses in these industry classes: 

Synthetic Process 


Oil and Gas 



Ocean Water 

Water Desalination 

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) 




Atomic Power 

Sun based Power 

Hastelloy C22 buttweld fittings are produced using the Hastelloy C22, which has metals including chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, and so on The lightweight fittings produced using this amalgam offer superb protection from a wide range of consumption and are reasonable for opposing both limited and uniform erosion. That is the reason they are utilized in various modern cycles. They likewise offer better and unrivaled weldability. Subsequently, the compound is additionally utilized as filler wires and consumables of weld overlays so their protection from consumption can be improved.

Remarkable Resistance To Corrosion 

Hastelloy C22 buttweld fittings and other hardware that are framed from the amalgam are more impervious to erosion than different sorts of Chromium, Nickel, and Molybdenum-based compounds like the Hastelloy C276, C4, and 625. 

Protection from Localized Corrosion 

The amalgams offer improved protection from a wide range of erosion like fissure consumption, pitting, and breaking brought about by stress consumption. The combination can likewise oppose the watery oxidizing media. Consequently, it can oppose the wet chlorine, nitric corrosive, chloride particles containing oxidizing acids, and other comparative arrangements easily. 

Protection from Reducing And Oxidizing Industrial Environments 

The Hastelloy tubes and other hardware are likewise productive in mechanical conditions where there are oxidizing and diminishing conditions in the modern cycle streams. Multi-reason plants regularly experience the ill effects of “upset” conditions. In these spots, the amalgam performs quite well and accommodates toughness as it is exceptionally flexible. 

Employability In Chemical Processing Industry 

At the point when utilized in synthetic handling ventures, the Hastelloy tubes oppose various types of interaction weakening substances effortlessly. These incorporate the solid oxidizing specialists like cupric/ferric chloride, hot and sullied inorganic and natural arrangements, ocean water, saline solution arrangements, formic/acetic acids, and so on 

Grain Boundary Precipitation 

The composite can oppose the encouraging arrangement in the grain limit weld zone when it is welded. Subsequently, the compounds are exceptionally worthwhile for joining mechanical cycles and conveying fluids and substances starting with one plant then onto the next. 

Premium Alloy 

Hastelloy is viewed as the most premium of combinations of compounds. Aside from offering upgraded and chief consumption obstruction, likewise offers one-of-a-kind characteristics of opposing warmth.

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