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If you’re having trouble figuring out the weight of MS round bars, there’s a simple solution: an MS Round Bar Weight Calculator. This is a tool that considers the steel density, size, and length to accurately determine how much metal you need for your project. It’s easy to use and does all the calculations for you, making buying a mild steel round bar. With the Mild steel round bar weight chart, you can confidently get the right amount of steel for your construction project without any wasted time or resources.

Understanding Mild Steel Round Bars

Mild steel round bars are commonly used in various applications due to their versatility and favorable properties. They are made from low carbon steel, which makes them relatively easy to weld, cut, and form. These MS round bars are typically used in construction, manufacturing, automotive, and general engineering industries for purposes such as structural support, machinery parts, shafts, and fasteners.

One key aspect of mild steel round bars is their strength and durability, making them suitable for handling moderate loads and withstanding mild to moderate impacts. They also offer good ductility, allowing them to be bent or shaped without breaking easily. Additionally, MS round bars have a relatively low cost compared to other types of steel, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications.

Overall, understanding mild steel round bars involves recognizing their properties, applications, and benefits, which contribute to their widespread use in various industries.

How To Calculate MS Round Bar Weight?

Calculating the weight of an MS round bar involves simple math and information from the bar itself. First, measure the length and diameter of the bar in millimeters. Then, use a specific formula for the type of metal to find its weight in grams. You can search online for accurate formulas for different metals like copper or steel. Once you have the weight in grams, you can easily convert it to kilograms or pounds. Knowing the weight of an MS bar is important for any project involving them, so ensure you have an accurate measurement before starting.

MS Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula

mm2 x 0.006165 = Weight in kilograms per meter

Mild Steel Round Bar Weight Chart

ProductSize (MM)Length (MM)Per Meter Weight (KG)6 Meter Weight
MS Round Bar6 mm60000.221541.33
MS Round Bar8 mm60000.393852.36
MS Round Bar10 mm60000.615383.69
MS Round Bar12 mm60000.881655.32
MS Round Bar14 mm60001.206157.24
MS Round Bar16 mm60001.575389.45
MS Round Bar18 mm60001.9938511.96
MS Round Bar20 mm60002.4615414.77
MS Round Bar25 mm60003.8416523.08
MS Round Bar30 mm60005.5384633.23
MS Round Bar35 mm60007.5384645.23
MS Round Bar40 mm60009.8461559.08
MS Round Bar45 mm600012.4651474.77
MS Round Bar48 mm600014.1784685.07
MS Round Bar50 mm600015.3846292.31
MS Round Bar60 mm600022..15385132.92
MS Round Bar65 mm600026.00000156.00
MS Round Bar70 mm600030.15385180.92
MS Round Bar80 mm600039.38462236.31
MS Round Bar100 mm600061.53846369.23
MS Round Bar120 mm600088.61538531.69
MS Round Bar150 mm6000138.46154830.77
MS Round Bar200 mm6000246.153851476.92
MS Round Bar250 mm6000384.615382307.69


In conclusion, the MS round bar weight calculator simplifies the process of determining the weight of MS round bars. By providing accurate calculations based on length and diameter measurements, this tool helps in project planning and material procurement. With the ability to convert weights into kilograms or pounds, users can easily reference and utilize the calculated values for their construction or manufacturing needs.

Choose Right Mild Steel Round Bar Manufacturer

When choosing a mild steel round bar from a supplier or manufacturer, consider factors like grade, manufacturing quality, size availability, pricing, delivery options, and customer feedback to ensure it meets your project requirements and quality standards.

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