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Now, the majority of the industry needs to use the best solution for the application purpose. The industry tries to fulfill the application demands with the help of ideal solution tube heat and shell exchanger are the best kind of heat exchangers today. It is considered as the effective heat exchanger that better for different applications. It is designed with excellent materials which suit the industrial needs. Kalpataru Piping Solutions provide the quality and best industry products at the best cost to the customer. We are a reputable manufacturer and exporter of different kinds of industry products in the industry.

You can get the ideal products with the best quality and meet the industry needs. You can pick up the best heat exchangers with us without any quality issues. It manages a cylindrical shell with the different tubes. The tubes are designed with the thermal conductive materials that let heat exchange between hot fluids. It gives the perfect cooling solution to different applications like

  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Leisure
  • Hydraulic

Prior to buying the best exchanger, it is necessary to check the different types of parts associated with the exchanger. The industry can fulfill the process of application with the best materials.

Know the important parts:

You can hire the best manufacturer and get complete information about the exchangers. The shell and tube heat exchangers are utilized for different applications like the cooling and heating the perfect volume of gases or fluids. Kalpataru Piping Solutions offer good one as per the industry needs. You can understand the different parts used in the exchangers. We manufacturer different kinds of shell and tube heat exchangers with a better design that suits the industry needs.

Tube bundle:

This one comes up with the tube sheet and tubes. The tube bundle is designed together with the baffle and tie rods.


The tube bundle is incorporated in the shell

Rear header:

It is an important part where the tubeside fluid goes away the exchanger. This one comes back to the front header.

Front header:

This is regarded as a stationary header that important part in the exchanger where the fluid comes to the tube side.

Advantage of the exchanger:

This is highly demanded by the industry for different industrial process application. With the help of heat exchangers, the industry can perform different task in a simple way.

  • It is best to eliminate heat and feed water preheating
  • It is an ideal solution to cool lube oil and hydraulic
  • It is better for cooling compressor, turbine, and engine
  • You can perform a condensing process of steam and vapor

It is designed with the different materials options that better for the industry. So, you can collect exact heat exchanger and fulfill the application needs. You can check what type of materials used in the exchangers and then go to buy it.

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